If you are a design professional or an architect working on residential or commercial design projects then we invite you to join the apartment9, Trade Associate program.
As a member you will work directly with the apartment9 customer service and be able to offer to your clients the wide range of apartment9’s high quality products.
We respect and treasure our associates and alliances and would support your business to achieve greater heights and desired milestones.


As part of this partnership, apartment9 would work with the TA to:

  • Publicise the apartment9 - TA relationship and improve our mutual public profiles through
    Public Relation activity and other promotional activities, as appropriate
  • Be a source of global design trends and other design inputs to the TA from time
    to time - we expect this would lead to further improvement in the already excellent
    Skill Levels of our TA network
  • Refer client interior design leads to the TA as appropriate, particularly if leads available to
    apartment9 are from the same geographical area in which the TA operates and apartment 9
    is unable to service them itself due to bandwidth and logistical issues
  • Service TA's client orders through timely delivery of quality products and services,
    as per product/service specs agreed to between apartment9, TA and the client.



As part of this relationship TA would:

  • Route client orders to apartment9 for furniture, accessories and otherhome interior items as per prices agreed to between apartment9 and the client. Deliveries of these products would be made directly by apartment9 to the client
  • Be eligible for a pre-decided incentive from apartment9 - this incentive would be based
    on the value of TA's client orders to apartment9
  • Effectively service the clients (for their design requirements and any other services that
    client requires from TA)for whom the orders have been placed on apartment9 during the
    course of this relationship.